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What, is there another Ken?

Do we have to refer to him by his qualifying sobriquet?  Reminds me of the old joke (grade school) “How do you spell Mississippi with one ‘i’?”  Answer:  (While holding a hand over one eye) M-I-S-S-I-S-S-I-P-P-I… Did Ken make his way from Itasca to the Gulf, thereby earning the nick name?  Is he a former pro wrestler so that there is no need for an explanation?


And thank you Mark for all this information- you are a regular floating wiki…  Of course I underestimate the depth of Mark’s knowledge on any given topic and his ability to reason while being catapulted through the seas by heavy horses…

Nice whale.  But do Humpback Whales ply the gulf waters?  It would seem that they do, depending on the season…  Summer feeding in polar waters and coming south to breed…


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