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Geese? Panicking??

I don’t pretend to understand what motivates wildlife, but I really don’t think that geese would care much at all about fire, considering that they can take to the wing and just leave it all behind.  But Helicopters?  I guess they’d find one of those fairly disorienting…  Nevertheless, here we are again, with disaster on our doorstep, brought about by mankind and his careless ways… anyone else sensing a theme here?  No matter what we do to try to control Nature, Nature will always win.


I think that’s the greatest line ever uttered in the Trailverse- “Aahhh!  Geese!”  And it may be the last line uttered for our spotter pilot- thank goodness he was able call in the fire before being taken down by this random act of Nature.  I think the Forest Commission will re-think their manned-flight protocols in the wake of this apparent tragedy.  I see the rise of the drones coming:  why send anyone into harm’s way when it could all have been done remotely from the comfort of Central Command…


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