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Habits are formed over time…

I’ve been at this well over the time necessary to form a habit– whether it be 30/60/90 days or whatever the studies show…  and don’t worry, dear readers (would you? really?) I won’t stop now… reading Mark Trail has become a “habit” for me for nearly 40 years now.  And I am half way into my third year of posting daily (except Sundays…)  I sometimes wonder how long this will go on…  I sometimes ask myself the question, not necessarily about this,  “When does a comfortable routine start to define a rut?”  What is the proper balance of “foundation” activities and “break-out” experiences necessary to keep one enthused about life?  I suppose it varies by person and where you might find yourself, and whether your collection of foundation activities (habits?) are healthy of hurtful to you and others around you…  There are, after all, good habits and bad habits, and the ‘good’ and ‘bad’ can certainly be in the eye of the beholder…


But back to our story…  Trees falling everywhere in Abbey’s path (Like they were just dying to fall given just a sliver of a chance…) and Mark racing to “save her…”  Why?  She seems capable of moving out of harm’s way (even if she doesn’t have her glasses…)  So with all this manufactured tension, we ask the question once again- Why would anyone associate with Mark Trail?  Where he goes disaster can’t be far behind…


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