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Yes, Rusty will love them…

…as much as any child subjected to the ravages of an alcoholic father in his early, brain-pattern-forming years can…


And once again, Mark seems to be on the verge of violating one of the key tenets of the Trailian Way:

Mark wild animal Meme

But hey, why not… as much as Mark enjoys breaking Rusty’s heart at every turn, it will be fun to watch when the animals are released back into the wild, Mark suggests that they go do “a little fishing,” and then abandon Rusty on the stoop, with fishing pole in hand, while Mark goes off on assignment…

But what of Abbey Powell?  She’s in a bad spot only getting worse, as her government issued vehicle falls prey to the fire… and she’s managed to not find her glasses, which means that she is not likely to be seeing all that clearly now anyway… So while Wally ogles the captive Beavers, Abbey contemplates the fact that she may have released her last vial of stingless wasps… Quick, Abbey, what did you learn in the Peace Corps?  Certainly something useful…


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