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Uh… wouldn’t you guys have noticed the fire??

Or did Abby release the stingless wasps on the southern face of slumber mountain?  Why would she release them in Wally’s woods?

The dialogue is funny… Again, I go back to the TV show… “C’mon, Wally, don’t shoot the Beaver… he didn’t mean to dog-ear your Lou Gehrig rookie card…”


The look on the Beavers’ faces is matched only by the expression that Mark has mustered in panel one…  I have never seen that one before… suggests a depth of character and a capacity for empathy…  And of course Mark carries beaver-sized live traps around with him at all times…  and of course both Beaver walk right into them, as if on cue…  And what will Rusty do to the Beavers when Mark presents them to him??  I envision a sort of fiendish glee and and acknowledgement that part of the “deal” is that Mark bring Rusty burnt offerings periodically in order that he not terrorize his adoptive parents, given that they have left him with the “Old Man” for much of his life…

Poor Beavers…  I don’t like this turn of events…


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