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How awesome is this!?!  Abbey Powell has suddenly, inexplicably lost the use of her legs, willing herself to “get up” while the fire rages on and bears down on her and her government issued field dress…    and in the opposite panel, Wally is snatching his rifle from the rack while Mark continues to smile at him in almost-disbelief…  “Seriously, Wally…” he says…  “Chill, Man, we can relocate the Beavers…”  Wally is having none of this…


Is there a “Beaver Season? Or are they always available?  If that’s the case, the Wally is within his rights, I suppose, but now-a-days everything has to be done within the rule of the local law- fishing limits, slot limits, season openers, etc…


So it would seem that there IS a season for everything,From Snipe to Crow to Bear and everything in between…  so be careful, Wally, you might find yourself on the wrong side of the Game Warden…

But is it Duck Season or Wabbit Season?? Let’s find out

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