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I was hoping we could do a quick cut…

…to  the scene where the bad guys are taken into custody- on Mark’s word, of course…  I wonder if there will even be a trial.  When does the insurance adjuster get a call to inspect what’s left of the SWAN??  So many details that I am glad we will not have to endure…


So sad, Justin, so very sad… That there are those who put profit ahead of people and relationships!  Strange how you were able to rise to such a prominent level in the Corporate Firmament without leaving a single enemy in your wake.  Certainly possible, but not very likely… that is unless you were deposited into your seat as a result of family…  but no mention of that, so we shall have to wonder.  And wonder whether the mine project will now be scuttled in favor of maintaining the pristine nature of the Great Dismal…

One thought on “I was hoping we could do a quick cut…

  1. Mitchum and bad guy with the beard being arrested in the background? The lavender-colored guys? That’s not clip art, no. They are merely assuming the required body position for being taken into custody. Same with the arresting officers. Really!

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