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OMG… He called her HONEY…

Huh? Huh?  What did I tell you??  In the brave new James Allen Trailverse, Cherry is the Alpha and Mark “I can take a punch and then run for help” Trail is no longer.  “Give up?” Mitchum must be thinking, “But I have the high ground here…”  That’s before he gets a face full of wrath, much deserved, by the way, based on that awfully smug look he has in panel two.


So while Bad Guy #1 (BG w/ Beard or BGwB) looks on, and Mitchum tries to collect himself after taking a blow, will Mark be able to out-run (again, to where?) BGwPT?  And what use is Justin Holland?  Cowering and simpering in the corner, no doubt…


One thought on “OMG… He called her HONEY…

  1. Mitchum obviously doesn’t use enough Brylcreem. One little slap an his hair’s all messed up, whereas Mark can get the daylights punched out of him, fall overboard, swim through a swamp and not have a single hair out of place.

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