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Uhhhh… Not to mention WET…

If it’s one thing I know that Cell Phones don’t cotton, it’s water.  Hell.  Moisture of any kind.  Unless Mark carries a phone specifically meant to endure a dunking, he’s dreaming.  I have a friend who once lost her phone whilst boating on the St. Croix, and ever the wit, she borrowed a phone to change her greeting: “Hello, you have reached <name withheld>’s cell phone, currently it’s at the bottom of Lake St. Croix.  If this is an emergency, please call me on my home phone, xxx-xxx-xxxx….


Besides, Mark, you are at least a couple of days’ slog up the ICW, and the sh*t’s going down NOW…  Better think again.  Roll your head around until that brain of yours seats and makes positive contact with both electrodes…  Besides, how far is he from the SWAN?  A couple of hundred feet?  I mean, can’t he be seen in all his dripping glory?  Isn’t he well within shooting range?  I’d duck, Mark, if I were you…


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