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Preach much??

I hate to admit it, but this strip actually makes me think once in a while…  no, not thinking of ways to makes fun of the characters, the stilted dialogue and clumsy plot lines- that’s like shooting fish in a barrel… (oops, can I still say that in this day and age??)  But rather thinking about the tenuous relationship between industry and nature…  Titanium Dioxide- it makes white paper white, white paint glisten in the sun, goes into many things we never give a second thought to in our modern age.  Think about times past, when things weren’t as white- parchment made of skins, for example. Of course we learn as we go, removing Lead from our gasoline and our paints in the mid to late 70’s, knowing that it wasn’t good for us… Until the market stops calling for things to be white, we will have the demand for TiO2…  and the fact that it’s not hard to find stories about companies that run from their liabilities, this whole story line takes on a prescient quality…


But enough with the sanctimonious prattle…  Better get the Danforth down, Mark, you are about run aground…


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