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Uh… Define “Pretty Good”

Compared to Excellent, Flawless, Beyond Compare, an Environmentalist’s Dream?? Saying that a company has a “pretty good” track record suggests that there are holes in the cheese, times when things weren’t all that good…


And look at the scowl on Justin’s face in panel two…  that’s the look of someone who is peeved for any number of reasons: (1) He’s tired of having to defend himself and his company when all he’s trying to do is sustain his enterprise and the jobs it creates (2) Mitchum was right, this was all a ruse to get him onto the boat only to have Mark Trail try to convince him that he’s on the wrong path, that raping Mother of her Resources is always wrong or (3)  He’s tired of being the shortest guy in the room, and well, dammit, he’s not going take it anymore…

And Mark, don’t kid yourself.  These protestors are not “local people.”  They are paid activists brought in from other area codes, people who are down with the enviro-struggle, and have no better prospects than to camp out and waive placards and signs around…


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