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Welcome aboard the Ghost Ship!!

Now cast in a whiter shade of pale, The Swan is doubling as a fishing boat…  Not its highest and best use, but every Mark Trail story has to include at least some familiar themes- Photography, Fishing, Environment Fanaticism…  There are probably some other ‘Pffft’ sounds, but I can’t think of any more right now…


Justin Holland sounds just like Rusty- “Mark,  I’ve hooked one … I’ve hooked one!”  Good for you, Corporate Titan.  Would you like a cookie?  And of course Mark can’t help dishing advice, even when it’s not requested…

But where’s Cherry?  No fishing for her?  Is she below-decks getting sloshed on wine coolers??  Why she puts up with this crap is beyond me…  it’s like she becomes invisible once Mark goes into “Journalist” mode…


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