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Oh, Mitchum… It IS you…

I love it!  Just look at the bad guys!  Facial hair!  Male Pattern Baldness!  Two of the classic markers for no-good-nicks in the Trailverse!!


And he even uses the term “Eco-Terrorist…”  funny, though, how Mitchum completely avoids any of the necessary context as to why he wants the boat (and Holland) destroyed…  But then that’s probably a quirk of mine- needing to know why…  for these guys, the satisfaction may simply be in the blowing-up and the carnage…  probably tortured small animals growing up…

But oh, Mitchum…  Mitchum… you have crossed the line, haven’t you?  The act of contracting for murder (ordering and presumably paying for a hit) is as indictable as the act itself, and since you aren’t a peace officer, there is a high likelihood that this catches up to you and ends badly…


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