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Well. It’s Go Big or Go Home…

Bill, you crack me up…  What, did you grow up with the Kennedy clan?  Summer in Hyannis?  That’s 80 feet of waterline, if it’s a foot…  I mean, one can hardly make out the figures on board this massive craft.  I hope the Army Corp of Engineers has kept up with their dredging schedule…  Otherwise the keel’s going to be scraping bottom in the canals.  But then I suppose, as part of the Intercoastal Waterway, these types of craft are not infrequent…  as the 1%er’s migrate north to south and back with the seasons.  “It’s Fall, Muffy, we best get our beloved ‘Poverty Sux’ out of Newport and down to the Caymans…”  Either this boat comes with a crew, or we may never see it under sail…  Or (and probably, of course) Mark is also expert at sailing (with limited crew) ketch-rigged watercraft…


So yes, the CEO of Riverway (nee PETROXX) Chemical will likely be quite impressed with this rig, that is if he’s into this type of thing…


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