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Do you suppose Justin’s ears are burning??

While the rest of the Eco-Enviro-free world is trying to figure out how to get Justin Holland alone to string him up by his money-belt, Mark is scheming mightily figuring out how to lure him onto the “nice” boat that Bill is arranging for the trip…  Got news for you, Mark.  He probably already has a boat, licensed in the Caymans, and your little floating shack ain’t gonna do squat to impress…


But really, we have to hand it to James Allen…  he rewards those who Google!  Justin Holland, our would-be adversary, is the namesake of an American classical guitarist, a music teacher, a community leader, a black man who worked with white people to help slaves on the Underground Railroad, and an activist for equal rights for African Americans.  Of rather historical significance, I’d say!!  And apropos to the spot where this story will (hopefully?  finally?) go down…

I’m not even going to comment on the moose, other than to say look out, there’s a Bull on a rampage from the other day!

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