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Enough with the Teasing!

The phrase “…some sort of Historical significance…” will now cause me to return to the Google and look that one up…  George Washington, First Man-made Waterway, Source of Timber, Part of the Underground Railroad, Served as an inland shipping route during wars in 1812 and WII…  But what I am mostly interested in is the name…  I found a brief, one-sentence reference in the Encyclopedia Britannica “The name ‘Great Dismal’ was given by Colonel William Byrd of Virginia, who surveyed the region in 1728.”  I guess the Colonel wasn’t happy in his work, or something…


And now onto the grammar lesson for today…  ever wonder about ‘historic’ vs. ‘historical’?

According to Grammarist:

Historic: 1. momentous; 2. historically significant.

Historical: 1. of or relating to history; 2. of or relating to the past. 

Buildings, villages, districts, and landmarks deemed historically important are often described as historic because they are historically significant in addition to being of or related to history. Societies dedicated to recognizing and preserving these things are called historical societies because they are concerned with history but not momentous in themselves. 

So… I guess the word you are searching for there, Mark, is historic

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