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Can’t… look him… in the… face…

Notice how, from yesterday, Mark’s face turns from emanating its own light to revealing a lock-jawed grimace…  That sound… that SOUND… coming from what?  Who?  Rusty!  “A swamp? With Alligators and Snakes? Oh boy!”  Oh no!  Tell me it won’t or can’t be…  Will Rusty come along on this trip to the Swamp?  But of course the possibilities are then endless, and we can introduce kidnapping…  by SWAMP PEOPLE!  OK, maybe this wouldn’t be so bad.  Cherry can write him a note to get him out of sch… oh wait that’s right, Rusty is obviously home-schooled, since there has never been mention of him going to a public or private institution of lower learning.


And Mark, regarding Riverway’s “Safety Record,”  are you relying on your encyclopedic memory of all things environmental, or just believing the last feel-good sponsorship piece you saw on PBS?  Although notice the ellipse after he utters the name, “Riverway Chemical…” almost as is one can feel the foreboding, the tension that this will bring…

On a separate but related topic, here’s an atlas update…  I remain interested (obsessed?) regarding the Trail’s itinerary and continued to zoom in on the map to reveal a series of long, straight canals that head generally north from Elizabeth City.  Clearly man made, they intersect with various rivers and other naturally flowing bodies of water, only to be met by a series of east-west “ditches,” the likely useful one called, “Feeder Ditch” not to be confused with “Paw-Paw Ditch” or “Myrtle Ditch.”  Then it’s onto Lake Drummond!

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