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She said nervously…

Mark, you are such a smooth hombre!  “Honey!  Guess what??  That vacation you have been wanting to take?  Well it just happens that my ‘job’ will be taking me to the <wait for it…> the GREAT DISMAL SWAMP!!  And you get to go!  Can you stand it???  Go pack your bag!”


In panel one Cherry looks to be either on the verge of tears or of throwing up…  only to be greatly relieved in the end, spouting non-sequitur thoughts…  “I can work on my tan?”  What kind of nonsense is that??  There isn’t enough melanin in your skin to do anything other than burn and peel, burn and peel… and didn’t you get the memo that the ozone layer has depleted and skin cancer is the number one cause of death?  At least in Australia??


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