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Doh! Wrong and Wrong!!

Wow!  This IS a new world!  Mark and Cherry heading off on a “relaxing assignment” together!  What about Kelly Welly who makes a habit of trying to scoop and seduce Mark?  She shows up now and she will get a bitch-slap from Dr. Davis’ Daughter!!  And what about Rusty?  Does he get to stay with Doc?  You know, the old guy didn’t sign up for this… but then he’s probably happiest when assigning Rusty all the chores around Lost Forest- repositioning the septic field, mending fence-line…

And the CEO of Riverway is a man?  How disappointing!!  That he “sounds like a reasonable man” based on “what <you’ve> read” is only the PR campaign working…  we all know that anyone who makes a living (gets rich, even…) extracting resources from Mother can ONLY BE EVIL…


And do you think that James Allen might be reading this blog?  Otherwise, why would Bill Ellis go into detail about how a boat would be useful in going from Elizabeth City to the Great Dismal?

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