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Unlike the Russian Oligarch from the other day (“Opulence- I has it…”) who enjoys “savingsdamoney,” Mark better get his bony ass out on the beat again and bring home a little more bacon.  I know I focus on this aspect maybe too much, but I think we (mostly) all live in a world where that bi-weekly paycheck matters…  The phrase, offered sometimes in hushed tones, “I think he lives hand to mouth” or “paycheck to paycheck”  used to suggest someone who hasn’t planned well or saved enough or made enough good decisions in life, but seriously who doesn’t these days?  They are out there, I know a few, but mostly I know people that are a second income away from real hurt…  So Mark, (and Cherry) I hope you consider Mark’s phone ringing a good thing… and not just another reason to be grumpy that he might have to “go away…”


C’mon Bill, enough with the small talk… save me!  Get me out of here!  I have run out of things to talk about!!

Here we go, Trailians…  It’s off to the Great Dismal!!


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