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Oh Bill, you are such a pimp!

Yup, the last time you left the office, ostensibly on a fishing trip with Mark, you were given access to one sweet-ass boat, mistaken for a rich guy, abducted by the leader of a band of baddies that controlled one of the barrier islands whose main source of revenue was kidnapping rich people and collecting ransom!  You won’t make THAT mistake again… So instead you call up your “old friend” Mark Trail…  Of course he will jump at the chance!  He’s been home all of two days!!  With “longbow practice” and fishing obligations out of the way, it’s time to hit the road again!!


Impressive memory, Bill!  These days most of us have forsaken the manual collection and storage of random facts and rely on Google!  But not you!  You already know the size of the lake and the port city that will afford Mark access to the Great Dismal!  But Bill, you might want to check those plans…  Checking the map, Elizabeth City is Hell and gone from the Great Dismal… and unless this is one of those fancy boats that also doubles as a car, Mark will have a little trouble getting the hull wet!  And by the way, Lake Drummond, at the center of the Great Dismal Swamp, if that’s what we are referring to, is in fact 5 square miles, which is exactly 3,142 acres…


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