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Eco-Zealots! Awesome!!!

As we mix the old with the new-  Besides the suit, the tie and the horn-rimmed glasses… Even the phrase “New York Office of Woods and Wildlife Magazine” suggests a bygone era- The “Time-Life Building,” for example… and how even the name-sake periodical can no longer afford the rent

But there’s Editor Bill Ellis, watching TV! On a fancy Flat screen!  Talking to himself!  Life must be good at the Ol’ W&W… Whatever family fortune started this must have placed money permanently and irrevocably in trust to keep this enterprise afloat.  No way it has the readership, the ad revenue, the “stuff” to keep going on its own…


Great Dismal Swamp, huh?  Well, I am prepared to learn… A recent lightning strike set off a fire that scorched 6,500 acres, but what else is going on?  What would people be protesting?  SOS!  SAVE our SWAMP!!

And what’s with the stuffed Elephant, Bill?  Did you receive that from that rich Russian guy who fancies miniature African wildlife?


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