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But… But…. Mitch! Wait!! We hardly got to know you!

This can’t be the end of the Longbow and Target Lesson, can it?  Four shots?  Well, that’s ok, I guess, this was getting a little tedious…


Anslee?  Let’s see… Mitch could be married to a minor, since Anslee Busby is Miss Cumming (county in Georgia) Fair Outstanding Teen and also 2014 Teen Miss Georgia…  and the name Anslee is in the Urban Dictionary* suggests utter perfection pertaining to inner and outer beauty…

*The girl that most people dream of. Every one wishes they looked like her because of how pretty and skinny and perfect she is. She has lots of friends that all love her for what’s inside but she has a pretty awesome outside as well. If you don’t now or are not friends with an Anslee then there is something wrong with you.

Anslee: hey I’m free tonight, anyone want to hang?
Everybody: ME! No me! No me over here!


3 thoughts on “But… But…. Mitch! Wait!! We hardly got to know you!

  1. The only reason my husband and I read Mark Trail is so we can make snarky remarks about it. It’s always good for a few laughs. I do, however, cring at the many inaccuracies and bad ideas I find in the strip (keeping wild animals as pets, for one). We’ll keep reading your great blog–just found it today after David said, “There must be more people out there making fun of this.” Found you–thanks for a great birthday present!

    • Thanks for your kind words… laughing and making snarky remarks is what the Trailverse is all about! I am happy that you are enjoying the blog!

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