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And the target turns RED when you hit the bulls-eye!

Nice shootin’, Mitch!  The target in panel one looks to be fairly crudely drawn and in the wrong color scheme, but all is right in panel three with the arrow buried deep!  I like what Mr. Allen did with the dialogue- kept Mitch talking all through his demonstration and he still managed to hit the bull’s-eye!  Are you just showing off now?  I suppose that makes this a little more fun…


Notice how none of Mark’s friends are even the slightest bit portly or unkempt?

From the Master:

I got a lot of unsolicited feedback last week when I ignored Mark’s suggestion to Cherry that, after he finished fishing with Rusty, “maybe we could have target practice with the longbow.” Much of this feedback implied that “longbow” was a euphemism for something, probably something sexual in nature, and I refused to acknowledge these suggestions, for obvious reasons. Anyway, I’ll bet today’s strip sure has all you sickos feeling pretty foolish! Nothing erotic going on in today’s strip, just a couple of dudes talking about aligning their bodies and “release.” Mark originally proposed this as an activity he and Cherry could do together, but she’s actually nowhere to be seen, thank goodness.


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