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Jacob Hickman! That’s who Mark came to see!

That was really starting to bug me… too lazy to go back and look, I had resorted to calling him “That guy that Mark came to Africa to see…”  But Mark!  Let “Ol’ Dirty” answer your question!  Let him spin a web of lies and deceit!  That would be at least entertaining!  You ask him a question and then immediately assume that he is guilty (which he is of course…)


But I ask you- is there a better scolding than one dished out by Mark Trail where Poaching is involved??  I don’t think so… There is a special place in Hell for the likes of you, Chris Dyer…

Lori looks, at best, nonplussed by this turn of events…  C’mon, girl, where’s your outrage, your indignation?  Or are you just in shock after Hippo, Buffalo, Python and now Rhino??


4 thoughts on “Jacob Hickman! That’s who Mark came to see!

  1. I’m not so sure Dirty is dirty. I say he turns out to be an undercover tusk cop, finds and frees the guy Mark went to Africa to see, and Laurie falls into his arms. And Mark travels to Iowa to announce his run for the GOP candidacy for president.
    Or maybe that’s all just too obvious to state…

  2. Well, one thing I have never considered is that Mark may be living off of passive income sources… that would certainly explain how he manages to maintain his dilettante lifestyle…

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