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Easy there, Butch…

Dirty doesn’t have facial hair (the tip-off to being a bad guy) but as long as he is sporting that Dolph Lundgren look, we can’t really trust him, can we??  And as he snarls in displeasure (AGAIN!!) at Mark playing the hero with the one he sees making his life whole, certainly no good can come of this…  Remember he was going to lure Mark out into the “Tall Grass” only to be trampled by a Cape Buffalo herd?  His work is clearly not done here…


Oh Chris, you don’t know Mark like we know Mark do you?  Being a “Hero” is all in a day’s work for him…  he thinks little of it, the fact that he often inserts himself between life and death with little regard for his own safety.  He knows better than any of us that this strip is named after him, and what would James Allen do if Mark were to suddenly come to an untimely end?  Start writing a strip called “Rusty Trail?”  I think not…


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