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That’s MR. DYER, if you please…

Every now and then the artwork and the backgrounds turn into a bit of a “What doesn’t fit in this picture” Game…

Panel 1:  Taurus running in the fields of green holding onto his red whistle (there’s that again…) the plane, boss, the plane!

Panel 2:   Chris Dyer preaching/ declaring/ gesturing awkwardly that “this Safari is officially over.”  With purple mountains’ majesty as a backdrop, almost as is he has returned from seeing a burning bush and is in possession of the stone tablets…

Panel 3:  No background, just a tearful Lori telling a distracted and unfeeling Chris that she was recently attacked by a snake!  You know what?  I don’t think he really cares…


So, as we move this story along, will we ever turn up the bones of the guy that Mark flew down there to see in the first place?  Will Mark be implicated in a smuggling ring now that he is unwittingly helping to ferry contraband?  Will Lori ever get to play something other than the fair damsel, often in distress?  What this strip needs is more strong women!  Like Cherry! BLAM!  Remember??


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