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Finally!! Facial Hair!

Now we are getting somewhere!  There had to be a really BAD ACTOR… one with a full beard, to play the part of the heartless poacher.  That “Dirty” is without same, we can assume that he is not beyond redemption.  But boy is he ever up to his neck in bad here…


Judging by his dark hair and swarthy complexion, I am guessing that “Carlson’s” first name isn’t Sven…  but maybe Carlson is his FIRST name…  who knows.  But it certainly seems like Dirty has history with this gang.  That this isn’t his first rodeo…

And let’s review the transaction here.  Carlson has Rhino horns worth big money, Dirty has (with apologies to Amazing Amy)

  • (a) “Connections” that will turn them into money,
  • (b)  A giant wad of cash stuffed in his shorts to make the “buy,”
  • (c)  Something on Carlson that immediately gives him the upper hand, or
  • (d)  Delusions of grandeur that will quickly make this encounter turn sour…

As usual, this will play out slowly and clumsily until such time that Mark can confront the bad guys and triumph over their evil.   Will Dirty go down or will he be saved?  That’s the question…


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