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And so the plot thickens.  If not slightly contrived… OK, Really Contrived.  How does a Lady Dentist get wrapped up with a Rhino Horn Poacher replete with gambling debts?  I doesn’t add up at all.  So off he goes, not to “report this crime to the local authorities” but to the “outskirts” where all bad people who shun the light hang out…  Are these the people of the Northern Outskirts or the Southern?  How does one know?  I guess it must be written somewhere in the Bad Guy Guide Book…  Maybe it has to do with what hemisphere one finds oneself…


So while the animals in the water hole practice voluntary segregation, (really, why do we spend so much time forcing and preaching “diversity?” it doesn’t seem natural… but then we are above the animals, right?  I wonder…)  Dirty drives off to take care of his “business” while Mark and Lori, none the wiser (OK, maybe just Lori) head back to camp…


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