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Your “Experience?” please…

As Taurus recovers from him Traumatic Brain Injury, he shoulders a weapon while Mark and Chris “Dirty” Dyer play the “I know more about Cape Buffalo that you do” game… I learned the other day that it is entirely possible for two people together to know less than one person who doesn’t know what he is talking about…  While Mark continues to play the “not enraged” card, I have to wonder what Dirty’s life has included that would make him so wise in the ways of African Fauna.  But then he DOES “know people” there- people who are going to help him get out of debt by breaking international laws and norms by trafficking in White Rhino horn destined for the Asian market…


So sad to watch Mark have to puff his chest out, clearly showing his natural instinct to appear bigger than he is when threatened by another male human being- one who is threatening his domain as one who holds dominion over the Natural world…

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