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Glad you made it “back??”

It’s not like he was away, Mark…  Really.  Who does the writing here?? And with another lame attempt at dialogue involving multiple gambling euphemisms, two in one sentence, I really wish he had been beaten into the dust… but not a scratch on him.  Left for dead, Chris looks like he hasn’t even been fazed…


And Mark is still on this “something scared the Buffalo” kick.  Got news for you, Nature Boy, these animals live scared.  It’s what keeps them alive…   but OK, we will go with this idea that some external force, some agent of doom set the herd a-runnin’.   Otherwise, where on earth can this story go?  And is that it as far as Dirty’s plan to off Mark?  I suppose it’s just another in a long line of big ideas that never seem to come to fruition…


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