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He sweats!

And has feelings.  For Buffalo, anyway…  not for Taurus or Dirty or anyone else that may be lying out there in a heap or trapped on top of a dented Range Rover…  And with Lori Tompkins safe in the crook of Mark’s chin, he begins to postulate what caused to herd to scramble…  and makes the distinction between a herd that is pissed off and on herd that is frightened.  Which I think is BS…  As large as these animals are, they know one thing and behave as such- they are prey.  Prey for the apex predators that roam the Savana, and their main response is to run, and only in protecting their young will they confront the predator.  So “Enraged?”  I don’t this that’s an option, Mark…


So enough with the charging Buffalo.  Let’s get back to why Mark is there in the first place… The missing (dead?) naturalist that he went there to visit in the first place.  Their paths have to cross in some form…


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