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Well, who’s getting Buffaloed Now??

Recap for those who just might be joining story…  Chris “I have a Dirty gambling problem” Dyer has eyes for Lori “I’m a Dentist on the lam” Tompkins, and is afraid that Mark “I am a happily married man but there’s not an invitation I know how to say no to” Trail is getting in between them… So he coaxes Mark out into the tall grass, away from camp, hiding a machete behind his back (I swear I saw it a couple of days ago…) and now they are being overrun by Cape Buffalo, the baddest of Sub-Saharan Bovines…


And judging from the cloud of dust in panel two, there is an actual herd behind these leading two beasts.

Oh the humanity!  The one is bearing down on Dirty, it doesn’t look good, ladies and gents!  He has barely enough time to let out a meager thought balloon…  Will be actually get crushed/ gored/ trampled?  Will Mark get away to save Lori?  Is anyone at camp witnessing the carnage?

The way this strip jumps around these days, tomorrow’s installment might well be all of them enjoying a nice Cabernet, recounting lusty tails of stampedes avoided…  Stay tuned!


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