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That Lion is Getting his Ass Kicked… Again…

I have a new take on what’s happening with that Lion…  He’s not hunting, he’s homeless!  He challenged the “Lion King” and is now cast out from the Pride…  and everywhere he goes he is unwelcome…  and referring back to Kipling’s “The Elephant’s Child,” I recall his Aunt the Giraffe gave him a good kick in the pants…  so maybe a Giraffe kick is nothing to mess with after all…


Ominous thought balloons coming from the cab of the truck…  Chris “Makin’ it up as I go along/ Livin’ by my wits” Dyer’s plan is forming up nicely.  He will make Mark’s demise look like an accident!  Yea! That’s it… How he plans to pull that off should be entertaining…  doesn’t he realize that it’s Mark that holds dominion over the Animal Kingdom, how Mark was able to summon a bigger bear to attack the bear that was after him???


And speaking of dominion, what happening around Mark in Panel two?  Is he literally sitting on a cloud, hovering as if god-like in the presence of mere mortals??  Well, Mark, it’s nice of you to come down off your lofty perch and walk with the common folk, even those who mean to do you harm!


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