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Lion angry… Chris Plotting

The two beings in this single panel strip that have the most in common are the Lion and Chris.  Neither are getting what they want.  And are probably going to act out as a result.  Got news for you, James Allen, the lionesses of the Pride do the hunting…  While the males fight amongst themselves to protect their position and their harem.  This lion was probably awoken from a nap, which is why he is cranky… and has absolutely no interest in bagging a baby pachyderm…


Oh, Mark.  You can say whatever you want and Lori will buy it, won’t she… and what are you doing continuing to stand next to her?  While Chris rides in the forward cab?  Chris was supposed to be doing that, but then you came along.  Did you “tell Chris you are happily married,” or did you forget to do that??  And Lori- What a Trollop…  “Oh Mark, the Animal Kingdom…” blah blah, eyelashes batting, grabbing him and holding him close… really??


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