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Mark Trail dishing relationship advice?

Might want to put a ring on your finger Mark, it would only be fair to the people you encounter, especially lovelorn folk that either want you or are made jealous and uncomfortable by you…  what a quaint notion, though, that simply telling Chris you are a “Happily Married Man” and that “You love your wife very much” will “ease his mind…”  And Mark, Chris will not understand, since he simply can’t have what it is he wants.  Lori has herself to blame here… you don’t go on Safari with a potential love interest without making your intentions and feelings well known and understood…


And Mark, what has given you the impression that Chris is at all reasonable?  He seems as volatile and desperate a man as has ever graced the panels of the Mark Trail comic strip.  In fact, I would lay odds (using Chris’ terms…) that he will meet up with a Mark Trail Haymaker before this is all done…

So with Lori completely UN-reassured, and deeply disappointed that Mark is not in play, Mark toddles off to bed…


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