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It starts with a touch…

Oh, careful there, Mark.  That touch to your unshaven (but who would know since you don’t grow whiskers) chin spells trouble.  If Chris Dyer sees that gesture, without the words, he could easily misconstrue and have his fears confirmed… That Lori has fallen for you!!


But seriously, Mr. James Allen, do we really want our hero dishing out relationship advice?  What Mark knows about love one could fit into an eye-dropper…  Where are the baddies?  Where are those evil poachers?  C’mon let’s dispense with the “As the Trail turns” and get on with something that will require Mark to Punch a Poacher and save a White Rhino!

And thank you, Lori Tompkins, for using the objective form of the first person pronoun, “me,” instead of “I.”


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