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Sequence and Continuity…

OK, a couple of thoughts:  first, this installment almost seems out of sequence…  The conversation would have been had right after the “Mark saves Taurus from the marauding Hippo” scene… but apparently they are want to re-live Mark’s heroics and cleverness long after they happened…  and second, who is “leading” this safari?  Apparently it is Chris Dyer… my assumption that Lori Tompkins was behind this- sort of a bucket list thing- was wrong…  So in addition to having a chronic gambling problem and being in hawk up to his eyeballs, Chris Dyer is also experienced in the ways of the Savanna?  I am starting to hear his voice- Afrikaans…  Deep South African roots.  White supremacist.  Oh, this is getting interesting…  He isn’t in love with Lori, he sees her as a “Mark,”  ha!  Get it??


Nice Aryan buzz-cut, Chris…  sort of a Dolph Lundren special… And again with the gambling references- “I would’ve laid odds…”  Do chronic gamblers really think like that and speak these tired, hackneyed phrases?  I think they do…


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