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ahhh… death on the Serengeti…

Our party does not waste any time…  last we knew it was night-time, a full moon and Chris Dyer was professing his longings for Lori Tompkins.  But now the truck is packed and Mark and Lori are once again commanding the best views while Chris simpers and molders riding shotgun with Taurus, or one of the other (at least) 3 porters, since these vehicles don’t drive themselves!!  I wonder if one of them is named George?

And, true to form, Mark remains oblivious to the “drama” that unfolds and involves him…  Good to know that Mark’s obtuse nature and relative position on the autism spectrum remains unchallenged…


And how it sucks to be one of the cloven hooved denizens of the African savanna…  You are born to run, to become some apex predator’s meal, only to be converted to carrion and picked over by hyena and vulture…  not very dignified, now is it?  I am guessing wildebeest… aka the Gnu…


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