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Feelings! And more Feelings!!

James Allen has them.  Elrod did not.  Still adjusting to this new world where people have hearts and such… And also where people, even the men are not afraid to show them, or a world where men bleach their hair and leave their big, thick, dense black eyebrows untouched…  or is it the other way around?  Does Chris Dyer color his brows and leave his blonde mane au naturale?


Again, I say, it’s just plain weird, if not cruel, to lead a man on…  to bring him on safari only to break his heart…  I mean, how long have these two known each other?  Do they have history?  Did they at one time play on a level field??  Are they sharing a tent but that’s all?  Lori Tompkins, you are an evil and wicked temptress!  But then the look on your face in panel two, out of view of your frustrated former lover, says it all…


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