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Well, at least we know why Chris is so cranky…

You know, it’s hard enough being a white guy these days, but an UNEMPLOYED white guy, traveling with your gainfully employed <girl>friend, presumably on HER dime… well, that makes it all the more difficult.  Of course Lori could have chosen her words a little more carefully…  She could have simply said that Chris does “import/export” or “in commodities” (like rhino horn??)


And it appears that this “conversation” between Mark and Lori has persisted well into the night.  Once camp is set up Mark goes back into interrogation mode, wondering whether Chris “helps” with Lori’s Dental Practice… “No, Mark, he wouldn’t be very good at that, what with his tendency to scowl and frown all the time… he would scare my patients away…”  So we will call him “unemployed.”  Like this is terribly different from Mark’s status?  Mark maintains the illusion of being “employed” but it’s really all a ruse…  I think Editor Bill Ellis is really a figment of Mark’s imagination and that his “trips” and his “adventures” are merely flights of fantasy…

And Mark, when are you going to divulge the fact that you are married and living rent-free in your father in law’s house?


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