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Beyonce? Jay-Z? They got nothin’ on Mark Trail…

Again, his name is music to his ears…  “Why, Yes, I am!”

And a quick search of the Google reveals that Lori Tompkins is in Africa to start a new life, after embezzling over $100K from the Salisbury, (CT) Central School… She’s just been released, and is no doubt violating the terms of her Parole/ Probation by leaving the country…

It would seem, though, that Chris is a mute.  Hasn’t said a word yet.  But he sure looks snappy in his Safari Jacket complete with waist band and epaulets…


But Mark, you give up so quickly.  You came to Africa to hang with Jacob Hickman and you are simply taking a porter’s word that he is missing?  No inkling or desire to follow up on that?  Where is your natural curiosity, your obtuse nature that allows you to walk onto private property to snoop around??

And Mark where exactly are you going with that “It seems I’m stuck here for a while!” line?  It smacks of desperation, or at least a come-hither line that might get you invited somewhere other than this hotel with fine dining…


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