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Why, YES I AM!

Music to his ears, his own name is…  And thank goodness Mark is back to speaking out loud and not THINKING all those THOUGHTS to himself.  I feel better already.

Mark wasn’t difficult to spot.  Ivy league all the way… dresses and carries himself like an off-duty pilot I once knew.


Mark, I had not noticed before, but is that a gun?  A Rifle?  What exactly do you think you’ll be doing on this trip?  Snapping pictures and writing words, to be be sure… but hunting?  Is that for personal protection?  Poor Man. I believe these are the first people of color he has ever encountered… no wonder he is confused.

Is that Kaden as in Ka’-Den or Kah-Deen’?  I chooses the latter…  more exotic.  More in keeping with the mystery of the Dark Continent…  Kaden looks like he grew up wrestling Rhino.  Or judging by the whistle around his neck, refereeing matches…

And of course there’s “a problem.”  Where Trail goes trouble follows!


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