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Well. Where do we begin?

I have to hand it to James Allen.  We are boldly going where Dodd and Elrod were loath to travel…

He will arrive on a noisy silver bird.  He will stand out from the crowd.  He will emanate his own light while carrying his own luggage…  His name is Mark Trail.


But seriously…  How are we to regard the people in the first panel?  The Gentleman in the foreground, judging by his style of turban, has also come from a great distance- Like Northern India or Pakistan…  and what is the lady balancing on her head? A giant platter of hay?  For whom or what??  And center stage rear is a person astride a donkey, with another in tow…  Then there’s the guy in the airport… Hmmm… today I shall wear my best vest and fez… no shirt, just vest…  to meet my party at the airport… Is there a Shriner’s convention in town?


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