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C’mon Cherry… Buck up girl…

Not like he hasn’t gone off before… although this time he needs a PASSPORT, which could be a first, since up until the 80’s and 90’s, a person could cross over to Canada and back with little more than a driver’s license…   And we know that Mark has been to Canada before to meet up with that rascal Johnny what’s-his-name (and his monstrous brood)…  the French Canadian owner of a fishing lodge…  But back to our story of the oh-so-sad Cherry Davis Trail.  Maybe she has cried before, but has suffered in silence and off camera.  In the Allen-age of Mark Trail, we get to see it all!!  Thought bubbles all around, everyone!!


So while Cherry cries her little eyes out, Mark is probably chatting up a stewardess and flashing that big toothy grin of his.  He is relieved to be back in the zone- one where he can do what he does best.  Mark, we are with you, buddy!


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