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OK I get it…

Yesterday Cherry only knew that a call from Editor Bill Ellis would take Mark away from Lost Forest… Today she learns that “away” means “Africa…”  Poor Little Lamb


Oh Rusty…  Please.  But in this new world of James Allen’s Mark Trail (Not your Father’s or Mother’s Mark Trail, that’s for damn sure) one never knows what can happen next.  Established roles and mores have been tossed to the wind.  And besides, if Rusty doesn’t go, then he won’t have a chance to get kidnapped.  That’s his ultimate skill, by the way… I can see him now, all tied up and being held against his will by evil White Rhino poachers!!  And they are going to have black skin. The poachers that is, not the Rhinos…  thus introducing people of color into the strip for the first time… of course we had to go to freakin’ Africa to accomplish that…  because certainly there aren’t any people of color in the United States…


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