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But will he call her this time… from AFRICA??

Rare has been the time that Mark actually checked in with the home front while out on assignment…  so wrapped up he gets in his work… that it probably doesn’t occur to him.  That, and every now and then Mark finds himself locked in a cooler or some such thing that would prevent him from making the call anyway…


And Cherry, Really.  Can you be that sad?  That surprised?  Remember, this is what your man does, despite the weeks of (ahem…) action at Lost forest.  Consider this:  If Mark doesn’t get going on a bona fide adventure soon the future of the strip is in peril…  and your life as you know it will crumble to the stone foundation upon which your log house rests.  Sort of like the Truman Show, you probably don’t realize that you are all under constant surveillance, that your life only exists because people are watching you, can’t keep their eyes off of you, despite that they know that watching you all is slightly perverse and a colossal waste of time…


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