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airline TICKETS???

Please let this be a connecting flight and not an indication that Mark is bringing his brood with him…  Nothing would spoil this party faster than Mark not being allowed to go off and do what he does… unfettered, unencumbered…


My goodness, look at the passion on display in panel one.  Bill Ellis may have a desk job, but clearly he has the heart of an ecowarrior… Don’t let the blue blazer and horn rimmed glasses fool you- he has more passion and pluck contained in his left index finger than, well, one might imagine…

But mark what do you mean with that last comment?  Have you been holding out?  Mailing it in??? Have you been giving The Magazine only some fraction of your “best?”  Oh well, no matter, off you go!  Better get your shots up to date while you are at it.  Don’t want you laid out by malaria or Dengue Fever…


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