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Skills! The Man’s got Skills!

OK, Mark you are navigating by looking at the rising sun…  basic skills.  But your thought makes no sense.  The more I read it the less sense it makes…  Knowing which way is which (sun rises in the east…) is only one step in knowing which direction you need to go…  One needs to orient oneself to the map (mental or otherwise) and then establish the bearing…  Never mind the fact that you know this land, are familiar with where major landmarks are relative to home (I recall you pointing out every animal and geographical feature leading up to your current predicament…) you should be focused on landmarks in order to get a bearing…


And are your squinting in panel one?  Grimacing from your shoulder pain? You can’t really see the tracks with your eyes closed, can you Mark?  But such a build!!  Holy cow.  This may be the first shirtless example of our hero…

And completely as an aside to this current story, I don’t think that James Allen has drawn Rusty since taking over the strip… Since April 11, not a single shot of the shape-shifting imp…


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