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And it’s morning…

Broad daylight again; when last we saw Cherry, it was pretty dark out… Did she spend the entire night pondering the flat tire and it took her until daybreak to think to call Ranger Dusty??  Well at least she changed into real BLUE Jeans before she headed out… And she appears to be more adept at holding and using a cell phone than Mark and that Newspaper guy are…


But again time is a confusing concept.  Dusty says he “was planning on coming by tomorrow to speak with Mark.”  Does that mean literally after another sunset, moon rise, moon set and sun rise?  Maybe it’s just that the people who colorize this strip need to be able to read English and understand what backgrounds to put in.  Or is it that the Sun always rises on Cherry?  No, because she arrived at Obie Falls in the dark…OH so confusing!!



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